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Get to know the in’s and out’s of each corner including the entry speed of the lap record holder from the 2007 A1GP.

International Circuit

Turn 1 – 215kph

Fortune favours the brave here. The exit is more important than the entry because of the need to get the Turn 2 entry just right. The ability to turn on the brakes means metres can be carved-off the distance to the apex if you can keep the inside front tyre on the inside white line until Turn 2 is well in sight.

Turn 2 – 165kph

Resist the temptation to turn-in too early because the exit comes up quicker than you think, so its best to compromise the entry a little to be able to drift right a little before turning-in to Turn 3 to set up Turns 4 and 5.

Turn 3 – 185kph

Two schools of thought here – passing between Turn 3 and Turn 4 is not on, so sacrifice Turn 3 a bit to make sure you’re not vulnerable into Turn 5.

Turn 4 – 155kph

Surprisingly high grip despite being slightly off-camber on exit. Resist the temptation to use the exit kerb because it will unsettle braking into Turn 5 making you vulnerable to a dive-bomb down the inside.

Turn 5 – 90kph

Exit comes up quickly so don’t turn in too early.

Turn 6 – 205kph

Really the approach to Turn 7, which is the second most important corner on the track.

Turn 7

Exit is really important because it can determine your speed all the way to Turn 10.

Turn 8 – 200kph

Pretty easy in anything with good aero. Seems to go on and on.

Turn 9 – 210kph

Total commitment needed for this one. Apex and exit are not visible in a single-seater when you have to decide when to turn in. Get the turn-in wrong and you run onto the grass at the exit. Understeer on turn-in seems to be normal but that can help scrub off a bit of excess speed before the exit so you just have to hang in there. A very fast corner but a very important one to a good lap time.

Turn 10 – 240kph

Not noticeable as a corner (except in the wet) other than deciding where to position the car for Turn 11 left, middle or right (there are three choices).

Turn 11 – 265kph

Definitely two lines are viable here – either turn in early and take two apexes or hang out wide and take a single apex. Exit is very important for the 830 metre main straight but will be determined by what you have to do to defend the corner in the first place.

Turn 12/13 – 274.38kph

Fastest entry on the track with the brave not looking for the brakes until almost the turn-in point. Get it right and it’s very rewarding and satisfying. The very brave can even pass around the outside into 12 if the car in front is down the inside, trying to defend.

Turn 14 – 110kph

Strange as it may sound, a good lap starts at Turn 14 because the last corner is so important to the start/finish straight and the beginning of a good lap. A very nice corner when you get it right. You can get on to the throttle surprisingly early and there is good grip on the inside line. The prevailing wind can mean that there is good downforce on the front wing which allows a good turn with an early throttle.



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